Tuesday, January 22, 2008

~Korean Day~


4 todays post, i juz wanna share some pics... where Korean Students from LimKokWing University visited me and my frens (Korean Program Student) last Friday... it was an exciting day... we, Malaysian Students showed them our culture, and also had an ice breaking session...

dont want to write much, i think these pics will explain what we did that day.

zapin performance (blatih satu mlm jek beb, mantap!!)

Silat performance (da 3 thn tggl silat, huhu)

sbb blog aku, kne tayang gmba byk ckek... hehe

My Ice Breaking Team (ssh tol nak borak ng drg, kne fully korean language)

Traditional Games


Dak2 Korea jakun men mnde alah nie... huhu

Last Skali kitorg buat Poco-Poco...

Thats all... w'salam...

MarSha: da x lame da nk fly... :)