Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Stepping Stone?!


Scene 1

Actually, i hate writing...

Eventhough i wrote a lot...

Well, 4 my first post,

I would like to share with u all a poem

Which was written 4 someone very special.

But now i would like to give it to all my frens...

Coz They are much more special...


Touching each other’s lives,

Find their own lives changed profoundly,

As a bond of mutual love,

And trust grows between them.


Give into each other’s keeping their hope,

Fears, small worries, great problems and dearest dreams..

They hold confidence sacred,

They respect a need for silence,

And know when a word can heal.

The sorrows of one become the sorrows of the other,

The joys of each become the joys of both,

And, always, the hearts of friends are open to each other.

MeMarShaAmmar: Guess i need to write more... huhu


C L O X S Y said...

nice one.majulah karya utk negare.huhu.slmt kmbali berblogging.hopefully ia dpt dijdkn one of the medium utk berdakwah insyaAllah.psnn akher..manfaatkn sebaik mungkin blog anda..jgn dibunuh sesuka hati..heh