Sunday, January 20, 2008

~Happy Birthday To Me~


i'm turning 19 today.. Alhamdulillah, i had a great day to day as well as many harsh things happened today. but i will have a positive thought on it.

so as for today, i've been thinking a lot about myself, what did i do 4 d past years that ive spent. i want to be a better me, n im sure everyone wants me to be a better "me".

i also attended a daurah entitled "Dakwah fardiah". it was given by Ustaz Alias. and after the talk, there was dis "bengkel" session. and on that bengkel, ive talked a lot on how to do dkwah fardiah. but when a went home (collage).. i started to think, how much did i contribute to islam. ive turned 19, and i didnt do much at all. i dont want to be a hypocrite, nauzubillah.

so i wish i could do these things b4 i get older..

  • Moga lebih matang utk hadapi cabaran2 mendatang
  • Moga lebih berusaha utk mencapai cita2
  • Moga lebih taat akan suruhanNya + kuat utk tinggalkan laranganNya
  • Moga lebih soft-hearted person...
  • Last...semoga lahirnya diriku, berguna utk deenul Islam...
Thats all.... wassalam

MarSha: happy birthday to Sultan Perlis, we share d same birth date... :)