Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~ I Had A Dream~

i dreamed about the same dream twice since last night. and that made me woke up, yet I'm afraid to have the same dream again. and it made my heart beat fast every time i confront with something familiar. the weird thing is, its nothing near to a nightmare, yet its a dream of all dreams. a dream that i always dream of. and it gave me hope, thats why its kinda frightening me because what if its never gonna happen? the dream gave me hope, but the real world offers nothing. what should i do huh...

a dream can dream wonderful things,
and also horrible things.
wonderful dreams offers you false hope
but horrible dreams will make you realize
how the real world really is.

hoping to have a nightmare...

they say dreams will come true, but i say they are wrong, i say they do.

*i thought that my heart will never beat again?


Hanif al-Ahmadi said...

hope the dream become be true.. insyaAllah..

+akufobia+ said...

i have a drea..(nyanyi.)

cahayalembut said...

Bersabarlah, sesungguhnya "Allah sedang berbicara dengan kamu"
(copy dari novel Ayat-Ayat Cinta)