Thursday, December 25, 2008


salam... sorry guys 4 not updating this blog... im not in d mood, n actually i dont thnk writing is my type of conversation. i'm thinking of bombing this blog, shutting it down, terminating it, b'coz things that r not useful happens to hv d same fate.

my life at korea, or others say the land of sonata, din seems as calming as it looks... i wish to go back, to snatch back my "sakeenah", b4 it depletes day by day. my life is upside down, crushed by the waves bigger than the tsunamies, dying within the icy snow, swarming by people who took others 4 granted. and, maybe most of us think that harvey or we called him "two face" only exist in gotham city or in comic books, yet i think he's all over the place.

but then, what really kept me moving is of course our only deen which is "islam", writen not in capital letter. becos "islam" its not juz "Kata Nama", but a "Verb" that requires action bcos its a way of life. and Thnks to ALLAH for stil letting me to worship You, stil letting me live as a muslim, gvg me such understanding parents who knws the importance of our deen, friends from all over the world who has the same "idea" and doing our job in the same "route". we'll survive in the hereafter only by this road, which can be called as the road to Jannah.

Say: 'This is my way: I invite to Allah on with clear knowledge - I and whomever follows me (does this). Glorified is Allah, and I am not of the polytheists.” (12:108)

so brothers, i cant work alone so lets clear the path and work together.


~ai-na~ said...

be strong and have faith in ALLAH